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every prairie on the way


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Timberlakes Saint of a Shadowy Ridge

Angel : DOB: 12-01-2011 - WT:  38    - H:19   -L:19.5


What a go getter! She is always hunting, always going, going, going! She will hunt all day. She has been out on Pheasant and Chukar. She was my main choice to trial, but I would rather hunt. Her training came, and continues, to be easy. I have had to keep her close, she will range, however I am noticing the older she gets the closer she is staying. Her mouth is incredible. Angel has been confident and bold in her flushes, from her first flush. She barely hurts a feather, the same pigeon can be used for days. 

Angel continues to amaze me! She is spending a lot of time in the house and she has been a wonderful house dog. She stick very close to my heals and spends time on the dog bed or at my feet on the couch.