​​DayRidge Canine Facility 

field bred English Springer Spaniels

​4th born - Kaze (ka-zay) "wind" Liver and white Male

​3rd born - Ame (ah-may), "Rain" White and black Female

6th born - Yuki (you-key) " snow" - White and liver  Male

7th born - Raiu (Rye-yu) "Thunderstorm" - Black and white  Male

​2nd born - Kumori (koo-mor-aye), "cloudy" Black and white Male

Born January 21, 2020

5th born - Zaza (za-za) " Downpour " - Black and white Male

​1st born - Hina (he-na), "sunshine" Liver and white Female

Teal and Moose Puppies

Most common asked question : Which puppies are available?   Answer : I will know on March 22nd, if there are any left.  

Puppies are chosen and go home at 9 weeks old , we can not stress enough how important it is to choose a member of your family or hunting team based off personality NOT color and pattern.

First deposit in on a female gets first choice of available females at 9 weeks old, 2nd deposit for female gets second pick, and so on. 

As of  2/4/2020 I still have 4th pick and 5th pick available for males. 

This litters theme is weather, in Japanese!