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field bred English Springer Spaniels

Frequently Asked Questions

What is puppy culture?

Puppy culture is a program designed to give puppies the absolute best start in life. Early neurological stimuli is started at day 3 of the puppies life and includes structured routines to be carried out at least twice a day with each puppy. Each routine grows with the puppies and includes barrier challenges, noise desensitizing, litter box training, clicker training even a puppy obstacle course. I started this program in 2017 and I am completely amazed at the confidence and trainability difference with the puppy culture puppies. Please google 'puppy culture' find out more for yourself 

Why can't I buy full registration?

If my reasons for limited registration were money reasons then you could. That said my reasons are not for money they are for a much bigger picture. If you would be willing to spend an extra 200 to 500 to buy full registration then why not spend that same money to do your genetic tests? Breeding should not take place until the puppy has reached the age of 2 anyhow so there is plenty of time to send in all the DNA and get the hips and elbows checked

Why limited registration?

Limited registration was originated to assist professional breeders in assuring their blood line stays true for their kennel name and for the breed standard. I love this breed! while I am not as much concerned of competition from other breeders, I am very concerned for the long term health and well being of the English Springer Spaniel. I wish I could say that every puppy will be absolutely perfect in health and be a quality breeder - that is just not the case there are too many genes involved and mutations are possible with every breeding. 

I just want a pet why do I need AKC?

Your AKC papers are not only your puppies family tree, showing you a linage of titles and health tests, it is also your dogs 'title' like your car. Once registered, AKC will send you you certificate of registration which is also your proof of legal ownership. Depending on the state you live in this could be very important, along with the unfortunate possible custody battles.  

What is limited registration?

Limited registration  means that if your limited registered dog has puppies, non of those puppies will be capable of being registered with AKC. You can compete in all AKC events with the exception of confirmation. You will still be able to get all of your puppies linage and you will still be legal owner.   

Are your puppies AKC registered?

YES!   We register each litter we produce - the litter registrations is however just that - the whole litter. AKC sends me the registration application for each individual puppy, most breeder will send your puppy home with that application and it is up to you to finalize it by sending it in to AKC. We do that step for you! 

With in 1 year from your puppies birthday we will have the name you choose and the AKC registration filed with AKC.  

Why do you crate train each pup?

Crate training begins here at 4 weeks old as the puppies start eating on their own. That is my first reason with large litter food aggression or fast eating  (leads to health problems) can be avoided if the puppies never have to worry about their food. I have also found that as the 8 week mark approaches the puppies love their crates and will willing go for naps, building that trust and confidence with the crate minimizes a significant amount of stress when going to a new home. As long as the puppy has a familiar den that they can escape to and be comfortable in. It is also very important for those puppies who get to fly, by 8 weeks they are already used to spending the whole night in the crate, so a 5 hour airplane ride is a piece of cake! 

Can i get full registration?

Yes! I hope you do! I have left a link on the puppy page to OFA - the OFA works with the parent club to determine health risks in each breed including the Springer . In order to obtain full registration of your dog you need to complete - and pass - the required health screens that OFA has. If your dog fails any of those then I will get you a new puppy.  These are the minimum of very carefully thought out genetic issues that should be tested for ANY breeding dog.