Our Dogs

Each and every one of our dogs is a part of our family, very seldom do we leave the house without one or more. They all have their own personality and different uses in our lives, competition disciplines, and hunting mediums. As we have grown so has the capabilities of our dogs. We strive in every litter to produce quality puppies that only grow and improve as we do. 

 Our foundation dogs were direct descendants of FC AFC Sherwoods Best Chance (FCAFC Dewfield Brickclose Flint X FC AFC Sheila of Sherwood) and the ever so famous2XNAFC/NFC/CNFC Saighton's Scud and Saightons Shield. The focus of our breeding program has been health and hunting, we desire dogs with a great nose, strong drive and stamina; dogs that  we can train ourselves to hunt the way we choose and for what  we want, then be happy to take home and have in the house with the family. Health has always been a key driver for our program, who wants to watch their best friend suffer with health issues that they don't understand. 

 After many years of being English Springer Spaniel breeders of  healthy hunters, life has given the opportunity to begin competing in Hunt tests, field trials, obedience, rally and agility, and with several of our dogs already in service homes the goal is producing a truly versatile English Springer Spaniel, capable of fitting comfortably in any home. As ours do here.

It is with our experience that in order to achieve our goals it would only be possible with the field bred springer. This is why all of our dogs are completely field bred. 

Please get to know each one of our dogs! We welcome you to do so. As you explore each personality you can click on the link to visit the OFA data base and view the genetic tests on file. After you have met our pack feel free to go to our puppy page to see our quality field bred English Springer Spaniel puppies for sale. Or contact us on availability for your next hunting partner or started dog.

Our Boys

      Full of Spirit and Fun                       made to                      Explore and conquer,               to Romp and Run 

Our Girls

              Sunshine                         mixed with a little                          Hurricane


​​DayRidge Canine Facility 

field bred English Springer Spaniels